Python like never before

Moonpy 0.8.3-beta

Public release coming soon.

What is Moonpy?

Blazingly fast

10-to-100x speedup compared to CPython

Light on memory

Uses 38% less memory doing the same tasks

Advanced packaging

Improved package management makes developer's lives easier


Run anywhere, even in the browser

Moonpy is a Python distribution that allows for rapid code development without sacrificing performance. By dramatically increasing the performance of Python, Moonpy enables companies to reduce time-to-market, save on developer expenses, and reduce compute resources while opening up new opportunities in AI, web development, and edge computing.

Why Moonpy?

Increase productivity

Get the full benefit of developing with Python without any of the speed and memory constraints that come with it

Compute at the edge

Open up new doors for localized artificial intelligence, data science, and IoT devices

Save on resources

Cut costs on both hardware and electricity without changing your codebase

These new features make Moonpy a great choice for developers and companies alike. Using Moonpy dramatically reduces the amount of time and work that goes into the development of an application, allowing developers to focus on what matters in a project without having to worry about performance limitations. No longer will companies be forced to choose between a costly development and a costly production; with Moonpy they can get the full benefit of developing with Python without any of the speed and memory constraints that come with it. Furthermore, software implemented in Python will now require less processing power, cutting costs on both hardware and electricity without requiring any changes to the codebase.

Moonpy also opens up many new opportunities to use the Python programming language. Because of its increased speed and lower memory overhead, Python can now be used efficiently for many small embedded systems such as those in IoT and other real-time computing devices. Python code can also be converted to an efficient WebAssembly binary that can be run in the browser, often with far greater performance than JavaScript or PHP. These abilities open up the opportunity to finally bring the wonders of Python and its incredible ecosystem to the world of web development and edge computing.

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